The product is to promote the existing residential building energy-saving. Depth of existing residential buildings in heating metering and energy-saving heating region in the north. aluminum composite panel production lines, fiber-reinforced cement board and calcium silicate board production line, chemical fiber production line and non-woven production line and complete sets of chemical equipment, etc.

The Ministry of public security fire department fire supervising director Ma Enqiang is introduced, including the main measures to remediation: put into the building external wall thermal insulation material fall off, cracking or bare, to use incombustible material for sealing, covering; use of flammable and combustible insulation materials building, using a single bit to prohibit the installation of billboards, light box and so on exterior architectural electricity equipment; prohibited in buildings around the piling flammable items, setting off firecrackers; units used to eye-catching safety warning board as a logo is arranged in the exterior architectural eye-catching location; the relevant departments to implement the relevant fire protection responsibility, to carry out inspections and inspection; the relevant units to strengthen the maintenance of building fire protection facilities, so as to keep the good effective state.

The building envelope, heating metering and pipe heat balance to focus on the implementation of existing residential buildings in northern heating areas of heat metering and energy efficiency retrofit; launched the “energy-saving conservatory” key cities and counties, to 2013, prefecture level and above the city more than heat metering and energy efficiency retrofit area of 40% to complete the transformation of the old residential have value, county-level city to be completed more than 70%, to achieve energy-saving 50% mandatory standards of the existing building completed heating measurement transformation. The projects on designing of new building material we undertook include aerated concrete product, autoclave fly ash brick, calcium silicate board, fiber cement product, gypsum fiber product, friction material product etc.

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