Calcium silicate board (silica board) or cement board is a new type of decoration material. Comparing to the traditional gypsum board, it has the advantages of high strength, good performance of moisture proofing, fire proofing, stable in dimension and etc. Calcium is calcium silicate board material, siliceous material and reinforcing fibers (containing asbestos fibers or asbestos fibers) as the main raw material and with a variety of supplementary materials. After molding, autoclave conservation from the fiber-reinforced calcium silicate board, and then the surface after sanding, polishing will become the finished plate.

According to different processes and recipes, there are two kinds of final products: one is used for indoor decoration and another is used for outdoor decoration. According to different aw materials and investment cost, the production line can be considered to adopt steam curing in autoclave or atural curing. As a new type of environmental friendly product, calcium silicate Board owns favorable market prospect and economic benefit. It has lots of advantages such as sound insulation, fireproof, waterproof, mouldproof, heatinsulation and light, etc. The main raw materials are quartz powder( pulp) , cement, hydrated lime powder, asbestos, paper pulp, wollastonite and others( mica, glass fiber, etc.)

The project has three major advantages: First, single-line production scale up to produce 800 million square meters, is currently the largest single line scale, critical production processes and equipment levels are first class, smooth processes, advanced equipment; two of the line using the most common mold a board process to ensure that the plate flatness and appearance quality; is mature headbox system board technology, the full guarantee of the stability of the production control. Board production line, pipeline operations, design, produce all of the small plate products to meet market requirements.

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