All our aluminum die casting molds are designed as per cold chamber die casting machine. Such cold chamber die casting molds can have much steady and low deviation, with assistance of functional cooling system of the molds. The aluminum casting all can achieve the characteristics of some products, some requirements like certain flexibility, precise size, and individual designs,. And through some practical examples, aluminum casting will be of some less defective and surface defects contrast others.

The construction of the new production facility went smoothly and according to plan. Work started in the summer of 2012, and the manufacturing of suspension components and structural parts and the aluminum die-casting are now going into pre-series operation. The difference between them is the different die casting machines they are using. Generally speaking, hot chamber die casting machine is much suitable for small and light zinc products, while cold chamber die casting machine for weight and large zinc die casting products. The major advantages of the 42-hectare site in Münchsmünster include its proximity to the main plant as well as good transport connections via the B 16 and B 16a federal highways. There are also plans for a rail link to the Ingolstadt-Regensburg main railway line.

Besides Fotai die casting factory, Parison has a precision machining factory located in Suzhou. In order to process post machining locally, we have transferred two machining centers into ningbo die casting factory. With the ready CNC turning and tapping machines, Fotai has the capability of doing regular machining for our own die casting products. They also offer invaluable expert advice in designing to the customer for their castings at the designing stage taking into factors of DFM.

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