The die is then cut into two halves. There is the cover metal die which is mounted on the stationary based platen and the ejector type die, which is actually mounted to a movable platen. Such a design provides the die with the ability to close or open along parting lines. The real factor behind the increased demand for die cast aluminum is the automotive industry. Aluminum parts are much lighter than steel parts, and as vehicle manufacturers look for new ways to create more fuel-efficient vehicles, aluminum metal parts are the answer.

Aluminum die casting die-casting process, because the die casting process control problems which cause pores , and thereby affect the quality and use. In this situation, the more prone to die-casting operations . However, in the casting process are aware, the casting pores are not all the same , meticulous division, aluminum die casting pores can be divided into three categories . Because the casting process in a variety of situations , a little careless error control is likely to lead to the formation of aluminum intake vent.

With gas prices approaching and even topping $4 per gallon, most vehicle manufacturers know that fuel economy is a top priority for car buyers in the modern market. Since the economy is slow as a whole, fuel-efficient vehicles help shoppers feel like they are not only getting a good deal on a new car, but that they might actually be saving money in the end by using less fuel. Once the hole is closed, the two die halves will form a type of internal cavity which is filled with hot molten metal in order to form its final casting.

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