Aluminum melting point is lower than iron.It is light in quality,but heat resistance is its biggest drawback,which is unable to meet the high temperature of the occasion. Sand casting,due to the development of new modeling materials,silicate sand,cement double quick sand,limestone sand, flowing self-hardening sand and resin sand,also gained wide application. The electric heating option consists of a number of heat cartridges installed in the pump head,the bracket and the casing to get the pump up to temperature together with a temperature monitor and controller to maintain the temperature within a set band.

Especially the rapid development of the United States and Europe.These flakes are at the microscopic level,the ends of which form stress points in the cast iron.If cast iron is subject to a compressive load these stress points are not particularly detrimental and flake graphite cast iron is excellent under compressive load,although its use is more limited in situations where it is subject to bending or shock loading. Investment casting used in the sectors of aviation, weapons used in almost all industrial sectors, especially electronics, petroleum, chemicals, energy, transportation, light industry, textiles, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, pumps and valves and other departments.

The automotive industry is pursuing an increased use of lightweight materials in auto body structures, for reduced weight and improved vehicle fuel efficiency. he use of different material combination presents a number of technical challenges, especially when light metals must be joined to steel or cast iron.But recently significant progress in the main components of the engine with aluminum cylinder is obviously,not because of improvement of the heat resistance,but the progress of cooling,and the casting result of technological progress.

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