Pump casting parts with the electric heat option provide operators with potential cost-savings as well as safety benefits.For example,electric heating can result in lower installation costs because the need for long piping runs is eliminated.Also,the inherent risks to the environment of potential leakages from pipe connections in hot oil systems,together with the associated clean-up costs, are removed.

Grey cast iron came into its own during the industrial revolution when improved production methods and understanding of the metallurgy led to more a reliable material that could be cast into an increasing number of different shapes and section thicknesses.Fast injection early (meaning before the melt into the runner), the pressure chamber, the cavity exhaust is inadequate, resulting in the volume gas; late will have to cold shut, due to cast. Nevertheless, magnesium alloys as structural materials mainly for the aviation sector in other areas, the main purpose of the world”s magnesium is the production of aluminum, followed for the desulfurization of steel and ductile iron production. The Victorian era saw an explosion in the use of cast iron and that has continued to this day due to the combination of the ability to cast complex shapes at low cost compared to other production methods and materials.

The process of friction bit joining uses a small, consumable bit to create a solid-state joint between metals. The electric heat option ensures more precise temperature control than steam or hot oil systems which need higher temperatures to compensate for any heat losses in the heat piping system resulting in higher energy operating costs The method was invented by technologies, a joint venture between Schlumberger and Advanced Metal Products. MegaStir provides both low- and high-temperature friction stir welding (FSW) systems.

The products like investment casting, steel foundries manufactured by our company has been sold to over 80 countries and areas including South Asia, Australia, Europe, Middle East and North America and they are well praised and received.

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