Although the “Dupur” sleeve has met with some commercial success, it is rather expensive and has other disadvantages. Attempts have been made to place a less expensive circular flexible refractory mesh filter within an insular sleeve to perform the filtering function as well as providing a weakened fracture plane to facilitate the removal of the resulting metal sprue or riser after the molten metal has solidified.

Computerized numerical control automatic complex lathe has a main spindle for gripping and rotating a work to be machined. A first machining tool performs a main machining of the work. A turret tool rest has an outer peripheral surface for holding a set of secondary tools along the outer peripheral surface thereof. The turret tool rest is selectively indexable to bring a selected secondary machining tool into a position to effect a secondary machining of the work and is selectively movable relative to the work to enable the selected secondary machining tool to perform the secondary machining of the work.

The invention relates to a CNC (Computerized Numeric Control) automatic sewing device comprising a sewing head having a stitch forming place with a thread cut-off device and a workpiece holder for holding a workpiece to be sewn, the sewing head and the workpiece holder being movable relative to one another in two co-ordinate directions by means of two carriages displaceable perpendicularly to one another each along a sliding path to produce a seam within an operating range of the workpiece holder, and a maxium sliding path in both co-ordinate directions being at least the same as the stretch of an operating range in the corresponding co-ordinate direction. The turret tool rest further includes a plurality of tool holders for holding a plurality of secondary tools.

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