Die casting mold making experience is important for mold making, however we don”t blind worship experience. All our die casting mold are carried out by team work with further study and discussion as to die casting, precision machining, and other surface finishing processes.

All our aluminum die casting molds are designed as per cold chamber die casting machine. Such cold chamber die casting molds can have much steady and low deviation, with assistance of functional cooling system of the molds. All our aluminum cold chamber die casting molds are made and regularly maintained by professional die casting mold factories in Beilun district. Post machining is necessary for most aluminum or zinc die casting products. What matters is the grade of precision and complication of post machining. Some simple and plain die cast parts only need turning or drilling by common simple machines, while some die cast automotive or telecommunication parts require high precision and complication machining. For these die cast products, CNC machining equipments like machining center is needed.

Once you ask for quotation for a die casting project, you must estimate the potential purchasing quantity, if there will be a substantial quantity, then you may need a die casting mold with longer service life, however if it is only a single order below 20000 pcs, a common die casting mold is enough for the project. Besides Fotai die casting factory, Parison has a precision machining factory located in Suzhou. In order to process post machining locally, we have transferred two machining centers into ningbo die casting factory. With the ready CNC turning and tapping machines, Fotai has the capability of doing regular machining for our own die casting products.

Our company has strong technical force and powerful production capacity and mainly casts all kinds of valve castings, automotive castings china, which can be widely used in many industrial departments such as engineering machinery, mining machinery, rubber machinery, agricultural machinery, shipbuilding industry and pump body and valve iry.

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