As for these bad solution than the phrase can be stated, it is estimated to have become write a book, but also need to LZ system understanding and personal experience of the entire process, summarize slowly between each process has so they will have a comprehensive understanding for different workpiece certainly process is also different, and the replacement fast in some industries, so the size of the workpiece is always changing, die-casting conditions to adjust only slowly, while procurement the level of quality of the raw materials, mold and die casting machines also have a greater impact, the use of chemical film-forming drugs and paint will have a greater.

These companies produced different models of die-casting machine, but much the same principle and structure of the locking system and injection system, the difference is mainly in the injection process monitoring system. Currently, magnesium alloy die castings, automobile company General Motors, Mercedes-Benz, Chrysler, Fiat - Alpha and other companies have adopted more than 60 kinds of magnesium alloy die-casting auto parts, such as: automotive instrument panels, seat frames, steering parts, hood, gearbox, intake manifold, and hub. The production of magnesium alloy die-casting machine and die casting technology is developing rapidly due to the demand of die-cast magnesium alloy products, well-known die-casting machine manufacturers have launched their own magnesium alloy die-casting machine. Divided into horizontal die casting machine and two types of vertical die casting machine cold chamber die casting machine, now the world”s most widely used cold chamber horizontal die casting machine. Most die castings, especially large, thick-walled, force and special requirements die casting, generally horizontal cold chamber die-casting machine to produce.

The products like steel foundries, investment castings manufactured by our company has been sold to over 80 countries and areas including South Asia, Australia, Europe, Middle East and North America and they are well praised and received.

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