We have a Separate melting furnace to ensure molten metal has optimum - temperature, quality and composition. After the melt is prepared we transfer it to a holding furnace through a pre heated crucible. At the time of pouring the metal into the holding furnace the metal is filtered through a ceramic mesh filter.

Parts that are typically made by plaster casting are lock components, gears, valves, fittings, tooling, and ornaments.Plaster casting is an inexpensive alternative to other molding processes due to the low cost of the plaster and the mold production. It may be disadvantageous, however, because the mold quality is dependent on several factors, “including consistency of the plaster molding composition, mold pouring procedures, and plaster curing techniques.” Plaster casting is similar to sand molding except that plaster is substituted for sand. Once used and cracked away, normal plaster cannot easily be recast. Plaster casting is normally used for non-ferrous metals such as aluminium-, zinc-, or copper-based alloys. It cannot be used to cast ferrous material because sulfur in gypsum slowly reacts with iron. After the metal is transferred degassing of the melt is done. During this process we pass fine bubbles of Nitrogen at the base and allow them to pass homogenously through the melt.

The plaster itself cannot stand temperatures above 1200oC, which also limits the materials to be cast in plaster. Prior to mold preparation the pattern is sprayed with a thin film of parting compound to prevent the mold from sticking to the pattern. The unit is shaken, so plaster fills the small cavities around the pattern. The plaster sets, usually in about 15 minutes, and the pattern is removed. The plaster is dried at temperatures between 120o and 260oC. The mold is preheated and the molten metal poured in.

All the products like cast iron valves, electrical castings manufactured by our company have passed the most strict and professional authentication in the world including ISO9000, SAE, ASTM, AISI, Din and GS, thus ensuring the international leading quality of the products and laying solid foundation for the success of the customers.

alloy castings: http://www.fotaimachinery.com/product/alloy-steel-casting.html