To do this you first need to analyze the three-acid chemical polishing process of aluminum, with particular focus on the role of nitric acid. The main role of the nitric acid in the chemical polishing of aluminum is the inhibition of pitting corrosion, improve the polishing brightness. Incorporated in pure sulfuric acid phosphate chemical polishing of the test, that the special substances should be added in the phosphate sulfate can suppress the pitting corrosion, general corrosion mitigation, and must have good leveling shiny effect. To grasp the principle of the squeeze casting process, a simple application on the ground in the traditional die-casting machine extrusion die-casting process is not difficult, the key is to break through the traditional concept.

It needs to fully understanding the performance of traditional die-casting machines have, should have a deep understanding of traditional die-casting process, remove those preconceived vague understanding. Unfortunately, by the constraints of the traditional way of thinking, and equipment development lag, squeeze casting advantages are not yet able to show. Current squeeze casting process is basic to the open casting the vertical extruded way, ergonomics highest horizontal cold chamber die casting process failed to achieve compatibility. The risk of production of magnesium alloy die castings is mostly caused by negligence in the processing and in covering. According to Japanese statistics, the magnesium alloy die-casting production process caused by the risk of melting of 25%, casting accounted for 10 percent, accounted for 39% of processing, storage and waste accounted for 16%, electrical 3%, other 7%.

The magnesium alloy die-casting products and other alloy die casting is similar. Magnesium alloy die-casting mold and aluminum, zinc alloy die-casting mold similar. However, due to the magnesium alloy Unlike some of the characteristics of the aluminum alloy die-casting mold design to give full consideration to design a reasonable casting molds, thus efficient and economical production of magnesium alloy die castings.

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