We have with customer well established facilities to effectively handle the demands of Brass and Copper alloy castings. These castings are manufactured using the best available casting process and tool support so as to ensure in them precision accuracy and high durability standards.

If you want to go for mass production and that also for fully mechanized casting, then Gravity Die Casting is a good casting process. For producing smooth and textured, well defined, accurately dimensioned metal parts, this method is also very good process. Our die casting, aluminium gravity die casting and aluminium die casting services are of excellent quality. We have a vast pool of knowledge to make gravity die casting, aluminium gravity die casting and aluminium die casting. Alloys of Zinc have two uses: one is for castings, another is for wrought applications. Zinc Casting process is carried out in two sub-processes, namely die casting and gravity casting. We are manufacturers and suppliers of zinc castings and zinc alloy casting. Usually, the zinc die casting process uses three alloys of zinc, i.e. alloy 3, alloy 5 and alloy 7. We use mainly these alloys of zinc, because these alloys have good ductile and malleability properties. We generally use these alloys for plated and highly decorative areas, because of its excellent finishing characteristics.

We are well recognized for our excellent zinc castings and zinc alloy casting. We have well infrastructural facilities and expert human resources for carrying out zinc casting process. Our knowledge in this regard is as per the international standards and we adopt new innovative knowledge from time to time. We are the manufacturer and supplier of aluminum gravity die casting.

Our company has strong technical force and powerful production capacity and mainly casts all kinds of precision castings, investment casting manufacturers, which can be widely used in many industrial departments such as engineering machinery, mining machinery, rubber machinery, agricultural machinery, shipbuilding industry and pump body and valve iry.

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