The moisture is usually in the A-side. There is not a full proof method of removing moisture from your system. Typically the B side will crystallize when moisture is present. This will draw the moisture out of the system and evaporate it. A post heat cure is strongly recommended for all clear pieces, but less than 1/8″ must be post cured.

Post curing the clear on the lowest setting on the conventional oven typically 140-160 F. for an hour or two (parts may require some support during cast iron gear) will minimize part distortion and shrinkage, while giving maximum toughness. With the proper release, you can cast Fotai into almost anything. Here are a few examples: Silicone, Wax, Non-Sulfur Clay, Urethane, Latex, Plaster, Steel, Aluminum, and Wood. A thick paste wax or the Stoner Urethane Mold Release is required for non-silicone based items. If the mold is not made of silicone, the Fotai resin is more than likely going to bond to it. So make sure the mold surface is not porous (cloth, wood, etc) and that you have an adequate layer of paste wax and/or Stoner on the mold surface. It is also highly recommended to preheat molds to 125F. prior to pouring your resin in the mold. Fotai resins will have some insulative properties but not as much as our silicones (QuickSet works well for potting). It is uv resistant but not uv stable like Fotai Clear and Water Clear.

The big advantage of it lies in the viscosity and cure time which allows you to coat large items such as bar tops as well as gives the air time to release out of the material before curing which in some cases can eliminate the need for degassing some parts that would otherwise require it. Silicones will give you much more thermal insulation than urethanes however Fotai resins will still act as a mild insulator.

All the products like ductile iron foundry, investment casting manufacturers manufactured by our company have passed the most strict and professional authentication in the world including ISO9000, SAE, ASTM, AISI, Din and GS, thus ensuring the international leading quality of the products and laying solid foundation for the success of the customers.

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