The pouring temperature from the average temperature of the liquid metal into the cavity pressure set pressure indoor liquid metal temperature measurement is not convenient, usually holding furnace temperature. The pouring temperature is too high, shrink, make casting easy to crack, crystal capsules, can cause stick-type; pouring source is too low, easy to produce cold shuts, surface pattern and pouring lack of defects. Therefore, the pouring temperature and pressure, taking into account the die-casting temperature and the filling speed. Not all the actual production of each die casting machine can meet the needs of die-casting products, but must be selected depending on the circumstances, generally from the following two aspects to consider:

Selected according to different varieties and quantities

In organizations of many varieties, small batch production, the general choice of the hydraulic system is simple, adaptable, able to quickly adjust the die casting machine, in the mass production of the few varieties to choose high with mechanization and automation and control institutions efficiency of die casting machine; on a single species of mass production of castings can be used die casting machine.

Casting structure and process parameters to select

Size of casting shape, weight, wall thickness and other parameters on the selection of die-casting machine. Casting weight (including the gating system and the overflow tank) should not exceed the rated capacity of Die Casting Machine, but can also be too small, so as to avoid the waste of the die casting machine function string. Generally the rated capacity of the die-casting machine to check the instructions. The die casting machine has some of the largest and the smallest distance, pressure casting and thickness height to have a certain limit, if the die-casting thickness or castings height is too large it may take no casting.

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