Good macroeconomic and demand mining machinery castings by expanding to other factors, especially in August after the supply and demand of China”s major mineral products become very active; At the same time, coal, crude oil, iron ore, nonferrous metals, mineral products and other bulk imports continued growth of mining market activity once again been promoted, mining economy has changed from the weak to the recovery, recovery to prosperity now by over.

The traditional standard of carbon and sulfur analyzer big bottle stopper bottle and iodine, respectively, and the fluid pressure through a glass tube, rubber plugs will cause deformation (increased roundness) and reduce flexibility, leading to easy plug tight at high pressure, causing collapse of plug failure. Conventional gas volumetric method of carbon and sulfur analyzer in use for the common failure titration liquid plus liquid sulfur standard bottles of iodine bottle out of control and collapse plug (stopper off). Remove the stopper, carefully wiped with a cotton stopper on the residual liquid, if necessary, scrape with a blade stopper liquid infiltration has left the surface of the insulation between the electrodes to restore the state.Non-ferrous metal production confirmed the general trend of recovery.

Manufacturers should increase the sensitivity of electrode control and reduce the probability of out of control. 2009, by the price rebound and national promotion policy implementation, since February after the Chinese non-ferrous metals production for the gradual recovery of growth, current production confirmed the general trend of recovery. 1 to 11 months, the domestic production of 10 kinds of nonferrous metals reached 24.16 million tons, up 3.4%. Among them, 10 kinds of nonferrous metals in November output reached 2.7 million tons, up 27.7%, growth of 6.7% on the monthly production hit a new high.

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