Copper concentrate shortage still remains outstanding.The basis of the revival of demand facing the chemical industry and the coexistence of ductile iron casting capacity, specialty chemicals industry ready, fertilizer and agricultural industry move up the international price of domestic prices, chemical fiber industry is not short off-season slightly, posting gains spandex. In 2009, mining investment in China continue to grow, but the heated Investment rebate temperature signs.

At the same time, as a strategic investment in oil and gas resources are insufficient, the output of crude oil directly affected not meet the current economic and social development needs. It is therefore recommended to adjust the investment structure mining, lead mining investment to the oil and gas industry. By the State expand domestic demand, growth and loose monetary policy, positive factors, 1 November 2009, the mining sector investment 2.1301 trillion yuan, accounting for 12.6% of urban fixed assets investment, up 15.3%, making investment in mining industry to continue to grow. By the financial crisis, the main commodity prices experienced a sharp decline in second half of 2008 after the first quarter of 2009 has been fluctuating around the baseline.

Into April, in the rescue world economy and the capital growth of domestic policy measures working together, mainly in mineral prices rebound in the shock consolidation; particularly after 8 to 9 months of consolidation, and by the recent commodity price index uplink and the well-developed economies, adopted measures to promote macroeconomic data, making the main market mineral prices continue to go red. 1 November 2009, the National refined copper production 3.78 million tons, up 8.3%; At the same time, only 880,000 tons of copper concentrate production, up 4.4% to only 23.3% of refinery demand, the shortage of concentrate still outstanding.

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