Alloy iron and steel industry in China is an important pillar for the development of one of the sex industry,alloy castings and steel industrial structure adjustment and upgrading and development is inseparable from ferroalloy industry”s progress and development, the Chinese iron and steel industries as well as the development of China”s ferroalloy industry opportunities.

Stainless steel production in China increased rapidly growing demand of the ferrochromium, although China ferrochrome production capacity of 3 million tons of stainless steel can meet the growing demand in China, but the cost advantage of ferrochromium imports, China”s annual stainless steel production with about 40% of high-carbon ferrochrome from imports, so the international market price of ferrochrome ferrochromium market price in China still plays the role of shocks and stabilize the. The improvement of the international steel market demand will make China ferroalloy export pressures have eased, but the expected appreciation of the RMB and foreign anti-dumping and other trade protection may lead to uncertainty in the Chinese ferroalloy export situation will be more severe. Meanwhile, the ferroalloy imports, especially imports of chromium products will steadily increase.According to the World Steel Association Organization predicted in 2010 than in 2009 world crude steel production growth of 5% to 8%, in 2010 the apparent consumption of steel will be significantly increased.But the domestic medium and low, micro ferrochromium in the domestic market still relatively initiative.

Domestic and international markets in 2010 the consumption of the quantity and average price level than in 2009 will be improved significantly. Especially from the second quarter, with Europe and the United States steel production complex yields the further enhancement of the dependence of Chinese ferrosilicon followed up, the Chinese ferrosilicon price may be raised in the second half.

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