The type of auto parts casting pressure before use to warm-up to a certain temperature, and more generally to gas, torch, electrical or induction heating. In continuous production, die casting temperature is often increased, especially in die casting high melting point alloy to rise quickly. Temperature is too high, in addition to the liquid metal stick External slow, casting cooling, so that the coarse grains.

The auto industry, related to improve performance, save energy, reduce costs, reduce pollution and many other issues are inseparable reduce vehicle weight, the key central issue. From the liquid metal filled cavity within the gate completely solidified, and continue in the punch under the action of the injection duration, called the holding pressure time. Holding pressure time, depending on the material and wall thickness of the casting. One of the most effective way to reduce vehicle weight is to change the materials, aluminum alloy castings (including a variety of casting methods) instead of cast iron parts are a better choice. Therefore, the die-casting-type high temperature of the cooling measures should be adopted. Usually cooled with compressed air, water or chemical media. From the liquid metal into the cavity to stop the play is full of cavities, the time required is called the filling time.

In recent years, China”s automobile production in the rapid growth and development trend of automobile lightweight, light alloy die-casting in the auto parts manufacturing gradually increase. Filling the length of time depends on the size and complexity of the casting volume. And simple castings, filling time is relatively long, complex and thin-walled castings filling time is short. Closely related to the need to correctly determine the filling time and within the size of the cross-sectional area of ​​the gate or inside the gate width and thickness.

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