These diesel generator information introduced hope everyone enable enough concern at any time. In order to ensure the continuity of supply, the basic power plant diesel generator set itself should consider setting the standby unit When the run unit troubleshooting or down to check, so that the power plant will still be able to meet the continued uninterrupted supply of important electricity load.

Domestic diesel engine to use more simple structure, small size, quality, good filtering effect and low cost paper diesel filter. The paper filter by the the Lu system’s filter, the shell of steel plate stamping and paper filter. Diesel generator set dealers understand that if the oil is a large number of fleeing into the combustion chamber by vaporization, exhaust with blue smoke. Blue smoke is actually steam and then condensing oil. Filter cover the inlet with the fuel pump connected, the oil port connected to the injection pump return pipe connector is connected to the fuel injector tubing cover is also equipped with deflated plug, the paper filter assembly inside a red drums, there are many small holes around the outside on folding specially designed filter paper, ends with a cover glued sealing.

Diesel oil into the filter, through the filter paper, collected in the filter drums, and then by the oil exported to fuel injection pump. Impurities accumulated in the bottom of the housing and water is discharged from the lower portion of the shell oil drain plug.Some users in the maintenance of diesel filter, missing top and bottom sealing rubber gasket of the filter and oil cover diesel is not filtered through the filter, and flows without resistance from the gap between the filter and the filter cover to the filter within chamber, diesel filter lost the role of filtration and purification.

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