A strict implementation of the fuel sedimentation filtration system and diesel filling shall be subject to a minimum of 48 hours after precipitation to access.diesel generators set use diesel standard model should be consistent with the provisions of the season. Refueling tool to clean dedicated. Fuel and the oil in place should be clean, to prevent dirt mixed with fuel and accelerated wear of couplings, reducing couplings life.

Diesel work under low load for a long time (load of less than 30 ~ 50%), low pressure within the cylinder. Piston rings, cylinder liner surface finish, ovality, taper and with the gap does not meet the requirements, or the rod bent, the spindle hole is not perpendicular to the cylinder liner, the piston eccentric wear, also caused by channeling oil to take the blue smoke. the purchase of diesel generator sets should choose those quality security industry reputation of excellent manufacturers; timely attention to the changes in the prices of diesel generator set market. Good maintenance and repair of diesel generator set, to extend the service life is also a good means of cost. Demolition inspection to ensure that the workplace, hand tools and cleaning oil clean, to avoid couplings contaminated.

Demolition operation shall Luanqiao Cookin cleaning, do not cluttered, should not and other non-dual pieces together wash basin to avoid bumps and abrasions. Not free to change the assembly assembly position and achieve some do not meet the requirements of machine work purposes. Put on the oil valve tight seat and glib tight cap should be tightened as to guarantee the good state of the injectors and injection pump assembly. Some users diesel filter tray and the position of the spring upside down, and even throw away and cover the diesel filter out of the hole in the open state, the diesel not filter directly into the fuel pump.

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