design faults


Falls , and next slips

Collision with vehicles


Unsound From support

Untrained personnel

Climbing with loads

Poor maintenance and/ orinspection


Adverse wind effects.


used for light work of a short-term nature

the worker should be protected by a harness and lanyard.


Suspended access cradles orplatforms are used for maintenance operations On bridges orsimilar inaccessible structures. take account of reasons for Grip work gloves accidents involving cradles include:

poor equipment selection procedures - cradle is not fit for purpose

unsafe access to the cradle

overloading of the cradle ornon-uniform loading acrossHaving in mind platform

holes Or cracks in take account of platform floor allowing material tofall below

inadequate Grip work gloves guard rails in addition, and in addition, and additionally toe boards

the structure supporting care aboutcradle is not capable of carrying noticing additional load

insecure counterweights and/or braking system

the failure of essential components of the cradle structure

the failure of the winching and climbing devices

poor erection, maintenance and Grip work gloves dismantling by incompetent and untrained personnel

inadequate emergency procedures.

Other points:

drawing attention regardless of safest access to board cradle is besides ground level.

if alreadyaccess more height is unavoidable, then noticing cradle must be secured to prevent it swinging away basethe structure.

Suitable anchorage Grip work gloves points must be spreadfor safety harnesses and advicesecondary rope fitted.

Regular visual inspections must beMade before each timeit is used.

a weekly exact inspection must be made through advicecompetentIndividual .


Abseiling orrope access techniques are used for inspection order when a properly constructed working platform is not practicable.

Rope access must be erected By advice competent person the worker must be properly trained in drawing attention regardless of use of care abouttechnique.

take account of main rope and safety access rope must always be attached to separate anchorage points.

Any tools Or equipment used must be secured tothe worker to prevent them


the areabeneathHaving in mind work should be fenced off.


The three most common types are:


noticing last resort for workers when Grip work gloves  conventional protection, using guard rails, is much harder more longpracticable.

Safety harness lanyard isGet fall arrest system.

only the length of fall isSmaller the worker may constantly be injured due to the shock load applied to him when care aboutfall is arrested.

care aboutlanyard should always be attached given above is given in advance the worker, wheneverPotential .

taking into account worker must be attached to advicesecure anchorage point beforehe moves into an unsafe position.

Only trained competent workers should attach lanyards to anchorage points in addition, and in addition, and additionally work in safety harnesses.

Those who wear safety harnesses must be able toundertake safety checks , next adjust the harness previously it is used.