It is worth to say the standard matters which, actually, appear during each recruitment issue, even during the recruitment on the hight posts. Waiting for the judgement from the customer’s side is a model in a direct search consultant job. Occasionally it happens that the company that made a contract to determine the prospect makes differences during the recruitment thing in such views as the desired qualifications or the work location. Occasionally, the recruitment on a given post is put on hold and the commissioner does not mention the consultant about the reasons. It also occurs that the commissioner simply remains quiet. The lack of data from the recruiter does not stand for negligence but in such a matter we must wait.

can be a very useful way to obtaining the best and the most crucial people for expert or managerial workplaces. There is no doubt that, it is not an easy method and it needs many struggle and commitment from the recruiter. So the prospect’s profitable attitude brings profit for the two sides and, moreover, enlarge the chance of successfully finishing the recruitment process.