Safety nets arrest falls of people, tools , materials baseheight.

Competent installation is essential.

Having in mind correct protective work gloves tensioning of taking into account net is very important .

professional companies normally fit nets.

Nets are not suitable for use in low-level creationas there is insufficient clearance below the net.

Nets should be protective work gloves positioned thereforethat workers prefernot fallAnd additionally than 2 m Or hit taking into account ground or other obstructions.


Air bags are used when it is not value touse safety nets.

noticing bags must be of sufficient permanentair protective work gloves pressure.

drawing attention regardless of inflation pump must runHowever, work is in progress.

if alreadyalreadyit is not possible to install edge protection or advice soft landing system, thenConcrete

harness , and further lanyard should be worn , and anchored to A fixed point.


ROOF work

The main protective work gloves hazards are:

fragile roofing materials - addition brittle with age , and further exposure tosunlight

exposed edges

unsafe access equipment

fragile roof-lights voids

falls From girders, ridges orpurlins

overhead verticals in addition, and in addition, and additionally obstructions

drawing attention regardless of use of equipment such as gas cylinders , and further bitumen boilers

manual handling hazards.

The controls include:

getrisk assessment in addition, and in addition, and additionally advicemethod Statement must be completedPre any roof order takes place;

suitable means of access such as to how it can be tohow it can bescaffolding, ladders crawling boards;

suitable barriers, guard rails Or covers where people order near to fragile materials , and roof lights;

edge protection connected advice flat roof is best provided throughdouble guard rails and toe board;

suitable warning signs indicating that a roof is fragile, addition ground level;

access to the area immediately protective work gloves below the work should be restricted using suitable barriers, netting, safety signs and safety helmets;

the safe transportation of materials to and from the working area, involving lifts, hoists, manual handling and/or using chutes and covered waste skips; and

good housekeeping procedures.

advicerisk assessment for roof order should include:

an assessment of the structural integrity of the roof;

take account of methods to be used to repair taking into account roof; and

Get COSHH assessment protective work gloves  of any hazardous substances to be used.